The Enlightened Heart Podcast

The Enlightened Heart Podcast

Empowering Highly sensitive people and empaths to go from surviving in the world to thriving. Overwhelm, stress, anxiety, depression and confusion about life are some of the challenges that HSP’s/Empaths face. Their strengths can also become shadows, this podcast supports understanding of the trait and how to navigate challenges while trying to live in the world built for the other 80%

Recent Episodes

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Jan. 18, 2021

Today we are talking with Adriana Marchione. She is internationally known as a movement-based expre…

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Jan. 4, 2021

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Strengths of Sensitivity

Dec. 21, 2020

If you are listening to this episode on its release date in late December of 2020, this past year h…

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Dec. 7, 2020

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How to Thrive During the Holidays as an HSP/Empath

Nov. 23, 2020

The holidays can bring on a big energetic shift that can cause many to be easily triggered. The rea…

How to Manage the Corona Coaster as an HSP/Empath

Nov. 9, 2020

The current global climate is causing more overwhelm and high emotions than usual, especially for t…